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Remember back when coming up with a password was just to prevent someone you knew from getting in? Times have changed, as they always do, and now coming up with a password seems to h

ave evolved into a full time job. Some places require you to change your password once a month, others every six months. No matter how long you get to go between password changes the same result happens, a blank mind and a constipated stare.

Some great rules of thumb come from the popular show “Wheel of Fortune.” We have all seen this show and we know by heart the 5 most popular contsinents chosen, “RSTNL” oh and let’s buy a vowel, “E.”

Most hacking software uses this same principle to hack your password. Then the hacker fills in the rest. So it is best to avoid using more than 1 of these letters in your password.

Many passwords today ask that you also use numbers, sadly the most used number is, you guessed it, “3!” Why? Because 3 can also be used as an, “E” The second is the zero as it can be used as an, “O”

The most popular punctuation is, “!” as it can replace a one.

We aren’t making this any easier are we? Never fear we have ideas on how to get around these common practices.

1. Tell a story with your passwords

“I live at 4122 Elm Drive have 5 children, 3 girls, 2 boys, and 3 dogs and a loving wife.”


2. An old address

7218 Tribune Way

Use other languages to express a word in your password. For example, “way” is “vei” in Norwegian. If it has one or more of the commonly used digits only use one and leave the others out.


They say use a password you can remember. These are things easily remembered.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how safe your password is if you don’t have the right Malware protection. Some Malware can invest your computer and log the keys you type, there by picking up your passwords. So it is always a good idea to have a trusted anti-virus/malware working for your company!

If you have any question about coming up with secure passwords for you company or want to learn more about being “cybersecure” with a great anti-virus give us a call at (402) 650-8407. DME Computer Services is here to make your business secure!

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