Cyber Security Services for Small/Medium Business in Omaha

There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.Even that is merging into one category: those that have been hacked and will be again.

Robert S. Mueller, III, Past Director FBI

Fortify your defenses against relentless hackers, viruses, and malware

The last thing you need is a hacker infiltrating your company’s defenses and compromising your data. All of you and your client’s sensitive information, credit card numbers, and other vital information are now at the hacker’s disposal, begging the question: How confident are you that your business won’t face these risks when it comes to your company’s IT security?

IT Cyber Security services from DME Computer Services provides your company with:

  • Hassle-free deployments – customized protection for your workstations according to your unique needs
  • Mitigate threats – diminish the impact of security breaches with advanced IT security solutions as well as prompt incident response
  • Stay compliant – ensure your systems adhere to the latest government and industry regulations
  • Extensive protection – secures all your workstations, servers and network
  • Advanced Firewalls – that blocks unauthorized attempts to access your network
  • Instant vulnerability reports – easy-to-understand bird’s eye view of your organization’s vulnerabilities

Now is the time to invest in cyber security

A cyber attack can be crippling to your Omaha business — but only if you’re ill-prepared.

Did you know small businesses are the likeliest targets for hackers? Big-name companies tend to make headlines for IT breaches. But cyber criminals exploit security loopholes within small businesses to gain access to larger companies. Because small businesses typically lack security patches and controls, cyber criminals can easily penetrate their networks.

Our Dark Web Security Monitoring Services


If you’re worried that your company’s data is being illegally shared on the Dark Web, we can help.

At DME Computer Services, we want to keep companies informed if their information has made its way to the Dark Web and help them protect themselves against damage caused by cyber criminals who illegally use their data.

Small to mid-size companies like yours are frequent victims of cyber attacks.

Why? They are easier targets than corporations who have fortified their online assets. The DME Computer Services is dedicated to securing our client’s sensitive data and confidential client information. We implement and optimize the right hardware and software and apply rigorous maintenance and monitoring protocols.

We’re here to help ensure that your information technology is at its best, that you have no vulnerabilities that a cybercriminal could exploit, and that you remain compliant with regulation and legislation. It’s not a cookie-cutter service; we analyze YOUR business and make sure YOU have the right tools for your defense.

Would your current business survive a cyberattack? Ransomware? Security Breach? 


We Keep Your I.T. Running Smoothly

Find out how our cyber security protection plan can help your business succeed.