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Like many small businesses you probably rely on computers to calculate, store, and word process to keep your business running. The world of technology has seen new business rise up, and old business find new ways to provide services to clients. How well are you taking care of that Technology your office so relies on?

If you are a small business construction company you take care of your tools because they take care of you and your family. If you are an Automotive Shop you do the same thing. So why are you letting your computers grow old and fall apart? Are they not doing also tools of your trade?

Here are some things to think about in caring for these still rather “new” the tools to your trade:

How Old is your office technology?

Are you still using a computer that runs Windows Vista or Windows XP? While support for these operating systems has run or is running out soon the hardware you are using to run these outdated Operating Systems will fail also. Perhaps it is time to update the old system?

If the software that you use to run your business is a special program there are ways to insure you can still use it through virtual desktops on a new and improved system. One that is more secure and less prone to failing right at the moment you need it most.

Is your software up to date?

Many of the Microsoft Operating Systems out there have reached their end-of-life, meaning they no longer receive security updates or updates to fix any bugs in the OS that still exist. These will leave your business open to hackers and viruses that can erase your files.

Same goes for your word processing software. If you are still using Wordperfect 5.1 or even Office 2000 there are many holes in the security of these programs now that support no longer offers updates.

Keeping your software up to date will patch these holes, streamline you office and give you piece of mind.

Are you prepared for the worst?

Even if you keep your software up to date to fill the gaps there are other things that can go wrong. We all know Murphy’s most popular Law. So are you prepared?

A hard drive has a life span, as does a motherboard and CPU. Things happen that can cause these to go south. Over Heating of the CPU can cause it to fail. An accidental spill on the computer can cause the motherboard to erode. Age, time or a drop can cause a mechanical hard drive to stop reading its data.

Be prepared! Perhaps have a back up computer in storage that is kept up to date and ready to use in case of an emergency. Keeping a couple of SSD hard drive on hand for a just in case hard drive failure is a good idea also. Saving the data from your currently being used hard drives can save you a lot of suffering in the future also. Cloud storage is perfect for this as no matter where in the world your hard drive failures you always have the data you need to get back to work.

Remember to keep all of your access codes, IDs, and product keys in a safe place for re-installing those programs to the new hard drive.

Keep an Expert in your Roll-a-dex!  

Taking care of your equipment can, at times, be overwhelming. Just as you are an expert in your field, there are experts like DME that can help you maintain your computer equipment. DME can help you up date your technology, and keep it running. They offer IT Support 24/7/365 monitoring of your office computers keeping track of a wide range of issues so you can worry about keeping your screwdriver sharpened!


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