The First Six Things to Do if you have been Hacked!

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Any time a large Corporation is “hacked” it is all over the news, sending panic through the World. When that small business on Main Street is hacked we hear nothing about it. Unfortunately, small business are targeted more often then big business. Small business is less likely to have protection protocols, or an emergency plan in place if they are infiltrated.

Let’s take a moment and take a look at what should be done quickly if your business is cyber-attacked.

1. Run a Virus/Malware scan

First and for most, find the breach and seal it. Running a scan will help you find the infection that opened the door and quarantine it. Giving you the room to get your business back in order.

2. Change Passwords

Next you want to change your passwords, all of them; email, social media, accounting, google drive and any programs you use to carry out your business. Perhaps a good practice to have is to have emergency passwords prepared in case of a security breach. If your business uses many different accounts it might be time to think about using a password manager for the future.

3. Move and Delete Any Sensitive Data from the Hacked Account

Discover where the attack hit. It might be best to rearrange the information or move it to a different location until you know that the threat is over.

5. Call a Cybersecurity expert

A Cybersecurity expert such as DME Computers can find things you are not trained to see that might be a threat. You might also want to take this chance to “beef up” your security by signing up for a Managed Service Plan for you business. It would go along way toward preventing any future incidents.

6. Inform Your Clients of the incident

Even the “Big” business corporations have to admit weakness; do not think it is a failing in having to let your clients know your business has been compromised. If you have taken the steps above the threat should be over. Let your clients know the threat and let them know the steps you have been taking to keep them safe.

Walking into work and discovering you have been hacked can be a terrifying experience. Setting up protocols can help you keep a calm head and allow you to disable the threat as quickly as possible.

We have talked about the cure but how about some prevention; you know what they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Give DME a call today to set up your Cybersecurity prevention plan from Black Hat hackers today!

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