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There are several types of threats that can slow down the work your small business does. A few of them come from the internet its self. We have all heard of them but what exactly are they? Let’s take a look at 4 of the most popular threats to small business.

Out Dated Software

Out dated software can leave holes in your defense. Hackers can find and use these holes to waltz into your computer, and spread to other computers in the office by attaching its self to documents that are passed through email or even the cloud for others in your office to work on.


Malware is the main number one way hackers get to your credentials. These are programs designed to use stealth and guile to gather passwords and logins. They can replicate and spread through your network making holes for viruses and other hackers to help themselves to your bank accounts, information and personal lives.


This evil little program can lock you out of your computer and prevent you from doing your job. Ransomware can be in a pop-up from an unsecured browser, or from a phishing email link. They request that you call a number to break the siege and require that you pay to get your information or usage of your computer back.


It looks like an email from an old family friend, your boss, or even a new Facebook acquaintance with a deal for you! There will be an attachment or a link explaining everything but, the moment you click on it you open the door for the malware it really is to infiltrate your computer. The “legitimate” link might even be a trap to capture your credentials when you log in. Either way the sending of the false attachment or link now has your information.

While these are just a few of many they are the most popular. If you are ready to keep these scary internet monsters at bay and out of your small business give DME a call today!

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