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What Rules Must Business Associates Follow To Be HIPAA Compliant?

While HIPAA applies directly to health providers, health plans and clearinghouses, some of your vendors are considered business associates.         New Fact Sheet From The HHS – Questions & Answers The Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has issued a new fact sheet that provides clear information about when […]

The Week in Breach: 07/24/19 – 07/30/19

The Week in Breach: 07/24/19 – 07/30/19 This week, credentials from the Dark Web compromise a company’s network, healthcare records are held for ransom, and data breaches become more expensive.  Dark Web ID Trends: Top Source Hits: ID Theft Forums Top Compromise Type: Domain  Top Industry: Education & Research Top Employee Count: 1 – 10 Employees    United States […]

How Is Technology Changing The Accounting Industry?

  Are you keeping up with technology? If you aren’t, it’ll leave you behind. Especially in the accounting industry, where continually evolving financial software has a lot to offer, but only if you know about it. 4 Ways Technology Is Changing The Accounting Industry It can be easy to fall behind on other matters when […]

5 Cybersecurity Tips For Employees – Omaha

Imagine waking up one day only to realize that the company you work for has been hacked. Your files are missing, bank accounts are hijacked, and sensitive information is on the loose. Although this sounds like a rare situation, it has become more prevalent in this day and age. While there are some solutions to […]

What are Hackers and what do they do – Part one

When you think of the word “hacker,” what’s the first image that comes to mind? Was it a hooded figure, sulking in the basement and desperately waiting for the opportune moment to obtain all of your information with the click of a button? Or perhaps it was a socially awkward teenager chugging down their fifth […]

The First Six Things to Do if you have been Hacked!

Any time a large Corporation is “hacked” it is all over the news, sending panic through the World. When that small business on Main Street is hacked we hear nothing about it. Unfortunately, small business are targeted more often then big business. Small business is less likely to have protection protocols, or an emergency plan […]

The Many Layers of Cybersecurity

By owning a small business might make you think you are too small to be noticed. Small businesses are exactly what hackers want. They are less likely to have Cybersecurity in place. Over half of the Malware attacks today are geared toward these unsuspecting business, in 2017 costing small business over $2.2 million dollars in […]